Our clients are our lifeblood and providing superior service is what Bedrock Construction is all about. Below are just a few things our satisfied clients have said about us.

"All of my families concerns were thoroughly addressed and rectified prior to closing and move in date.  Bedrock's attention was timely and appropriate. The overall quality of our home was exceptional.  We were extremely impressed with the craftsmanship given to our home.  The wood working finish on the doors and cabinetry really set this home apart from all others of similar style and design. We really appreciate Bedrocks attention to detail that was consistently displayed throughout the whole process.  Mr. Melendez’s personal attention on our home with regard to energy conservation was especially note-worthy.  We truly appreciate the extra mile that Bedrock goes to help with conservation practices. Bedrock treated our family like it was part of their family.  The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction was always evident.  We love the unique exceptionally crafted characteristics that makes our home ours and ours alone. If we had to do it all over again, we would not change a thing."

-David Murphy

"To all Propsective Home Buyers: It is with pleasure that I write about the terrific experience we have had during the purchase of our new home from Bedrock Construction. We couldn't be more pleased with the beauty and craftsmanship of our home itself; and of the professionalism of the contractors, employees, and especially the personal attention paid by Joram Melendez for every detail.

Our home had already been built and almost finished when we first viewed it, but we saw it at a time when we could apply many of our own ideas to make the home ours. Joram personally worked with us every step of the way.

I can personally attest that Joram backs up what he promises. He and his staff are always friendly and cordial. Getting to know them has made our move a most pleasant experience. And now that we've lived here a few weeks, we can honestly say that Bedrock Construction has kept up the same level of help that we have enjoyed from day one.

Please contact your real estate agent or Bedrock Construction if you would like to see our home. We would be happy to show it to you."

-John & Linda Wilson

"As you can tell, we are just like most home buyers; we want to buy something that is built to last and is at a fair cost for what is being offered. That is exactly what you get from Joram Melendez/Bedrock construction; in my opinion. You get way more in return than what you pay for the homes built by Mr. Melendez. One, the construction of the homes; they are absolutely amazing, all the way from the trusses and rafters built to support your roof to the smallest detail and craftsmanship of how the trim is perfectly lined with each other to form a snug appearance. And two, the customer service provided by Joram Melendez; how often does the builder of a home make a personal appearance to every meeting concerned with purchasing, constructing new structures on the property, and/or dealing with ensuring everything has been completed to the homeowners preference?

I strongly encourage other home seekers/buyers to consider purchasing homes constructed by Joram Melendez with Bedrock Construction. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship of the homes, the friendliness, and customer service provided by Mr. Melendez."

-Jarod & Kendra Lemke

"Just over a year ago, my wife and I began the home hunting process. We knew going in that we wanted new construction, so we began by visiting the various builders and model homes in Alamogordo and Las Cruces. Our single regret is that we didn't visit sooner with Joram at Bedrock Construction. After meeting with him at Bedrock's model home during the Las Cruces Showcase of Homes last year, our search was over.Everyone advertises that they are "custom home builders", but they limit options, upgrades and modifications. All except Bedrock. Not only did Joram deliver on everything he told us during our first visit, he exceeded our expectations in nearly every facet of the home building process."
-Marvin Perkins