Bedrock Acquires Procoto to Revolutionize Procurement Processes and Enhance Enterprise Supplier Management Capabilities.


Cleanse and Validate Supplier Data With Ease

Supplier master data is often incomplete and outdated. Bedrock's Cleanse solution seamlessly updates, enriches, and validates supplier data exceptionally fast. Save hundreds of hours in manual efforts by consolidating all master data into a single source of truth and trust.

We Do the Dirty Work

Our technology-centric data cleanse consolidates, enriches and enhances your supplier master list.

Hands-On Data Validation

Our service team runs call and email campaigns to validate the supplier data on your behalf.


The “Golden Record” is what we consider the foundational component of supplier management success. Fully cleansed and enriched supplier master data provides our clients with complete visibility into their supplier network. Without accurate and up to date information on your suppliers, it is nearly impossible to build operational efficiency and to effectively manage your supplier relationships.

Over $50 million in client revenue recovered, 500,000+ suppliers verified, and hundreds of thousands of hours saved.

Bedrock streamlines, modernizes, and centralizes supplier management for procurement and AP leaders.
"Doing this Profit Recovery Audit was a task that needed to be done and with Bedrock help we were able to recoup close to $800K in funds that we would have lost. Your staff at Bedrock was professional in dealing with our clients. The process was smooth and your dashboard was easy to follow and track our recoveries."

Finance Director - Fortune 1,000 Telecom

Bedrock is all about the groundwork.

We're extremely hands-on and dedicated to doing everything that needs to be done to improve your procurement and supplier management process.

You need a partner willing to handle the integrations and make the phone calls in addition to providing a powerful platform and automation tools.

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