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Common C-Suite Challenges

Executives involved with procurement and accounts payable (AP) oversee hundreds to thousands of supplier accounts and simply don’t have enough time to individually monitor their clients for compliance, accurate, and up-to-date information.


Avoidable Manual Errors

When dealing with an abundance of invoices and procurement requests, manual processes can be slow and prone to information and data errors


Streamlined Processes

Automated technology can help speed up mundane tasks, like invoice matching and approval workflows, leading to faster processing times and better accuracy.


Blind Decision-Making

Executives often struggle to gain real-time visibility into procurement and AP processes, which can make it challenging to control costs and make data driven decisions.


Clear Insight

Automated systems can provide real-time visibility into procurement and AP processes, allowing executives to monitor costs and make informed decisions.


Erroneous Supplier Management

Managing a large number of suppliers can be challenging and time-consuming. From keeping up with compliance regulations to negotiating agreements, it's essential to have an efficient supplier management program in place.


Optimized Supplier Management

Automated systems are key to managing large amounts of supplier data, monitoring compliance, and automating contract management processes.


Lack of standardization

Without proper standardization, different divisions and business units can have disparate procedures and systems for procurement and AP. This can lead to discrepancies and inefficiencies that take away from the overall effectiveness of the organization.


Standardized Controls

Automated technology can standardize procurement and AP processes across the organization, improving consistency and efficiency.


Fraud and Errors

Without the necessary tools to detect and prevent data input errors or fraudulent activity, executives are forced to manually process information with increased risks.


Automated Risk Detection

Automated systems can reduce the risk of fraud and errors by automating compliance checks and providing real-time visibility into transactions.

Over $50 million in client revenue recovered, 500,000+ suppliers verified, and hundreds of thousands of hours saved.

Bedrock streamlines, modernizes, and centralizes supplier management for procurement and AP leaders.
"Bedrock delivered and implemented a fully customized vendor portal in under 90 days. The staff have been very professional and easy to work with. They are very knowledgeable and have shown they are leaders in creating Procurement solutions. "

Procurement VP - Fortune 1,000 Oil & Gas

Bedrock is all about the groundwork.

We're extremely hands-on and dedicated to doing everything that needs to be done to improve your procurement and supplier management process.

You need a partner willing to handle the integrations and make the phone calls in addition to providing a powerful platform and automation tools.

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